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Skillshare is an innovative online learning environment in which anyone can learn a variety of skills in many different industries. For children, the learning environment presents them with an opportunity to learn about artistry and how to master the skills necessary to become an artist. The learning environment offers thousands of videos to master the skills from beginner to advanced. White Clay Learning uses Skillshare’s Internet-based courses to teach its students a variety of art-related skills. In this Skillshare review, you can learn more about how the learning environment can help you or your child become an amazing artist.

What is White Clay Learning?

White Clay Learning is a school that offers programs catered to children with special needs. The programs are created with the differences in which children learn in mind. Each program enables children to learn at their own pace and in their own way. The program is available for children who were diagnosed with conditions such as Asperger’s, autism, ODD, ADHD, anxiety, and pervasive learning disorder.

The program uses a variety of the courses found on Skillshare to help children learn new skills. Skillshare’s skills programs help the children to concentrate, remain focused and complete tasks as instructed. White Clay Learning highly recommends Skillshare to anyone who wants to learn artistry skills that are therapeutic for children with learning disabilities.

Drawing Basics Course

The drawing basics courses at Skillshare start students off with more simplistic concepts. The programs start with creating fine lines and shapes with step-by-step instructions. The children may also be introduced to shading techniques and other methods of accentuating the objects they draw. Skillshare’s video-based learning tools provide children with several projects to complete within each drawing course.

How to Draw Anything

The “how to draw anything” courses at Skillshare introduce children to the steps needed to create any type of objects they want. The courses may include drawing flowers, animals or fruits that make up an entire picture. The basic principles within Skillshare’s courses allow children to learn how to create their own images based on their imagination and express their feelings through their art. At the end of the course, children have mastered several of the basic art principles and have an intermediate skill set. The courses include more than one video to learn each skill preferred by the child and focus on specific types of drawing.

Drawing the Human Figure

Skillshare provides a variety of courses for drawing the human figure. The age of the child determines which video-based art programs are appropriate. Skillshare’s courses may initially begin with drawing hands and faces to help children learn how to create the features and pay attention to details. The courses may include reproducing some famous artwork throughout history in a variety of genres. The skills acquired from the Skillshare video-based learning could present the children with an opportunity to venture into a career in art or design associated with several industries. For example, illustration is used for books, cartoons and digital films. Children who master the skills of creating the human figure could go on to have rewarding careers in any of the related fields.

Calligraphy and Lettering Courses

Calligraphy and lettering courses at Skillshare introduce children to new ways of creating letters and numbers in artistic styles. The lettering skills are used when creating products such as invitations, print advertisements, and greeting cards. Children that master the lettering skills could utilize the skills for professional endeavors in the future. It is also possible for the lettering skills to be apply to the creation of tattoo designs, digital images used in film, and a wide spectrum of other industries.

Drawing as a Form of Therapy

For at-risk children, drawing and coloring are therapy-based options to help them control their emotions. The Skillshare drawing programs can help children master the skills they need to focus any negative energy or thoughts into a healthier activity. The video-based learning opportunities show children how to create anything they prefer. As their skills progress, the child could become more in control of their emotions and apply the skills in different concepts throughout their lives.

Like we said when we reviewed Skillshare, it is an Internet-based learning environment that has been used in the White Clay Learning program. Skillshare’s video-based courses are free to access and offer children a variety of options for learning how to draw. The programs are easy to follow and offer step-by-step instructions for creating a variety of drawings and illustrations. To learn more about Skillshare, read the latest Skillshare reviews