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You’ve decided to start designing your own clothes. That’s fantastic, and you have a lot of room for creativity for the clothes you want to design. You may even have a few ideas in mind that you want to try out. Right now, though, you may be worried that your inability to draw figures is going to hold you back.

Figure drawing is important for those who want to design clothes. You need to be able to sketch your ideas on paper to see how they really look and to show your design ideas to others, how you can emulate textures. You’ll also have to learn about color and what works with which palettes. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think to learn to sketch a basic figure you can add your clothing designs onto.

With fashion design sketches, your figure can be as detailed or plain as you might want. The main goal is to showcase the clothes your designing, not to draw the perfect person. You will, however, want to make sure you get the basic shape right. If your proportions are wrong, the clothes are not going to look good on your figure, no matter how amazing they might be.

Check Out Online Lessons to Learn at Your Own Pace

Learning how to draw figures for your design sketches is as easy as taking a few online lessons. There are a plethora of lessons available online for you to choose from, so you can choose one that’s going to meet your needs. When you’re ready to learn how to draw figures, choosing online lessons gives you the freedom you need to learn at your own pace and to refer back to your lessons whenever you need to.

Drawing figures can easily be broken down into a few different basic steps. Through the online lessons, you’ll be able to learn each of these steps and get the help you need to go from only being able to draw a stick figure to drawing a human figure that is detailed and has the right proportions. Once your figure is drawn, you can add the clothes you want to design.

Once you go through the lessons, you’ll be able to draw the basic human figure. With practice, you’ll be able to do this easily and quickly so you can sketch the figure and your design whenever you have a little bit of inspiration.

Find the Right Lesson to Help You Learn

There are so many drawing lessons available, how do you choose the right one? There is no easy answer to this question because there are many very good lessons that are going to help you while you’re learning to draw figures. However, there are a few things you should look for.

  • Step-By-Step Instructions – You’re going to want to make sure you look for a class that shows how to draw step by step for beginners. The step-by-step method breaks down the drawing process into easy to learn and easy to manage steps you can follow along with and practice. You’ll quickly learn which steps require more practice and be able to put them all together to draw a figure.
  • How to Draw for Beginners – It’s important to look for a beginner drawing class as these assume you don’t know how to draw anything at all. They’ll break the steps down to the easiest possible steps and show you from the beginning how to get results. They’ll also explain everything carefully so you understand what you’re doing and why.
  • Photos or Videos of the Process – The key here is to look for detailed photos or videos that are going to be helpful when you’re trying to copy what the instructor is doing and later when you’re trying to adjust what you’ve learned to your own style and your own abilities. The more photos and videos there are included in the lessons, the easier it will be for you to see how everything should be done.

Purchase the Supplies Needed for the Class

When you want to draw, you need to have the right tools available to you. It’s possible you already have the necessities for figure drawing on hand, but you may need to purchase a few other things if you’re interested in doing fashion design.

  • Pencils – You’ll want to have a few pencils on hand as well as a pencil sharpener. There are different hardness levels available for artists as well as different brands to check out. In the beginning, though, a basic pencil is going to be fine.
  • Eraser – Ignore any eraser that might be on your pencils. These erasers are not great and are next to useless if you’re erasing darker lines. Instead, pick up a few high-quality erasers in the art department of a local store. They’re typically only a couple of dollars a piece and are going to be far superior to the ones on your pencils. You’re going to be erasing a lot, so it’s better to have an eraser that works well.
  • Sketchbook – Any sketchbook will do. When you’re first starting, a spiral notebook may be fine. If you’d like a way to keep all of your drawings together while you learn and practice, you can find inexpensive sketchbooks for under $10. You don’t need anything fancy, just blank paper you can draw on.
  • Colored Pencils – Colored pencils are crucial in fashion design sketches as you’re likely designing clothes that have colors, not just black and white. Choose a set that has as many colors as possible, but don’t worry about having to spend too much or buying the best brand just yet. You may also want to check out the watercolor pencils available as you can use them as colored pencils or add water for a watercolor look.

Start Following Along with the Lesson

Once you have the basic supplies on hand, it’s time to start learning how to draw. Follow along with the lesson you’ve chosen carefully, making sure you try out everything the instructor reviews. This is a hands-on type of learning and you won’t be able to learn and improve if you don’t try everything.

Drawing figures is easier to do when you have the right help. The class you choose to take is going to break down the entire process of drawing a figure into manageable steps for you to learn. Pay close attention to each of the steps, especially the information on learning proportions, and you’ll quickly start to see you can draw figures.

Move onto Other Classes and Lessons

Figure drawing can become incredibly complex, depending on your end goal. If you just want to draw the basic human figure to showcase your clothes, you may only need to take a beginner class or two. However, if you want your figures to look as realistic as possible, you may want to take other classes after you’ve mastered the beginner one.

Additional classesx include classes on how to arrange your figure in different positions, how to add details like eyes, eyebrows, and lips, and even how to draw and style your figure’s hair. Even if you don’t really need to be that detailed with your figures, taking these classes can help you draw better and give you the instruction you need to be able to draw a completely realistic figure if you want to truly showcase your designs.

The Key is to Practice Often

You’re not going to sit down and watch a lesson on how to draw step by step for beginners and then immediately be able to draw the perfect figure. This isn’t possible at all, but you will start to draw better the first time you go through the class. The key is to practice often and to get further help whenever you may need it.

With online classes, you can review the information as much as you might want. If you aren’t sure you’re doing a certain step right, review the instructions for that step and practice more. The more you practice, the better you’re going to be.

Drawing figures is complicated. It can be broken down into simple steps that are easier to learn, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. Take the time to practice as often as possible and review the lessons as much as possible to continue to improve and do better. You will start to see your figures look more lifelike and you’ll start to see what a difference it makes when you’re designing clothes.

You won’t really know what a shirt or dress looks like until it’s on someone. When you’re designing clothes, you can put them on a model you draw so you can see what it might look like if you actually create the clothes. If you don’t know how to draw a human figure, classes on how to draw step by step for beginners can teach you what you need to know to draw sketches you can use for your clothing design.

If you’re ready to start designing clothes and you want to be able to draw a human figure for your clothes, look into classes about learning to draw the human body. Having a figure to draw your clothes on is going to boost your fashion design sketches and let you play around with your designs more. Take a look at the classes available now to find the right one for you.