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Drawing Lessons from the Past

When you were younger, you learned to draw before you learned how to write. Drawing was the basis for learning your shapes and learning how to combine them to create the letters needed to write your name, your spelling words, and the sentences to create essays in later years. While you didn’t realize it then,… Read More

Drawing the Human Figure: A Tutorial for Beginners

The human body is extremely complex thanks to its many shapes and contours. Figure drawing, as a result, is a skill that you must learn. It does not come naturally. However, when you learn how to simplify the body and break it down into smaller parts accomplishing this task becomes easier. Once figure drawing has… Read More

How to Draw Anything

Have you always wanted to learn to draw but figured it was beyond your grasp? Are you seeking a way to learn to draw something specific, but as of right now stick figures are the best you can do? Even if you don’t think you have any natural talent or you think it may be… Read More

How to Draw Figures: Advanced Techniques

You’ve learned a lot about how to draw a body and you can get the basic shape down, fill out the details, and make it look more realistic than you did when you wanted to learn to draw. What’s next? If you’ve mastered everything you learned in a beginner figure drawing class, your next step… Read More

How to Draw: Step By Step (for Beginners)

You’ve decided to start designing your own clothes. That’s fantastic, and you have a lot of room for creativity for the clothes you want to design. You may even have a few ideas in mind that you want to try out. Right now, though, you may be worried that your inability to draw figures is… Read More