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$10,000 is Enough to Start a Business

Many people wonder if $10,000 is enough to start a business like White Clay Learning. I can tell you from my personal experience that it definitely is. Since starting my business for less than 10K I’m proud to say that I’ve successfully made enough money to support my lifestyle. If you want to learn about… Read More

Street Art for Beginners

Many of you have asked questions about being a street artist, so I wanted to give some pointers for getting started and next time, we’ll discuss more detail of starting the actual art process. 1. Which city do you want to work in? It will be important to understand the local response to street art…. Read More

Working Artists

I don’t usually get many comments on my posts, but the last one struck a nerve with some artists and I wanted to amplify their voices while clarifying the content of my earlier post. I am not suggesting that every artist “sells out” and “goes corporate” and in doing so, sacrifice their vision and mission… Read More

so you wanna be an artist

There’s some general misunderstanding about what it means to be an artist these days and I want to clarify my interpretation of things. It is one thing to be an artist who is “fed by the art” who lives a life dedicated to creating and sharing art with the world. It’s a romantic notion to… Read More

Calligraphy Handwriting Tutorial

Calligraphy is making a huge comeback recently, especially thanks to a lot of texture arts. Though it was the main form of writing for many years, it has fallen out of favor for newer styles of handwriting that are easier to learn for children, easier to read, and that can be done with any pen,… Read More