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About Us: White Clay Learning

At White Clay Learning, we believe it’s possible for anyone to learn how to draw. We feel that adequate instruction can help anyone go from drawing stick figures to being able to draw anything they want. We have a long history of helping students learn to draw and we’re ready to help you learn, too.

Learn to Draw Anything

On our website, we start by teaching you the basics. You’ll learn everything you need to know about how to get started drawing, no matter what you want to learn to draw. We’ll also show you what you need to get started drawing today as well as tools you might want to use in the future. We start at the very beginning, so you can learn how to draw even if you have no prior experience. We also cover more advanced topics like drawing the human figure so you can quickly advance your skills.

Hand Lettering and Calligraphy

Hand lettering is becoming increasingly popular. It’s a way of drawing out the letters of the alphabet to create fantastic designs with words. We offer instruction on a variety of different hand lettering and calligraphy styles so you can always learn something new and expand on the way you draw your letters. We enjoy working with a variety of hand lettering styles and are sure you will as well.